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  In 1972, M Grindstaff reported Alien contact to medical personnel in Omaha, Nebraska.
 He rang the bell at the front door of the Institution after midnight and began the process for mental evaluation, explaining that he had seen Flying disks(U.F.O.)and occupants on several occasions and that mysterious men in a dark van were forcing him to  to accompany them to a Federal testing facility in the U.S. Army . They had arranged for him to do several E.S.P. tests including a type of remote viewing while in Atlanta, Ga. and at the time it was stated to Grindstaff that the H.E.W or N.I.M.H. was involved as well as personnel from Ft. Benning.

  With an I.Q that was tested at over 145, Grindstaff had the sense to demand I.D which was shown to him on several occasions at both the Atlanta 'safe houses' and while in Colorado. leaving Atlanta rapidly and hitchhiking to Colorado had given Grindstaff the feeling of security he had lost while involved with the operation in Atlanta. He had made arrangements to meet with a woman he trusted in Atlanta at the location of the first International "Rainbow Gathering." 

  On the first week of July, Grindstaff made the decision to leave the group associated with her while at their campsite in Colorado and managed to head back to Omaha and what he hoped was real safety. A sense of danger surrounded him as he noticed a pattern in situations around himself. (****** beach; page 23) 

 Hitching a ride to Omaha from an on ramp just outside of Denver city limits he was once again picked up by one of the 'mysterious black vans' that he had avoided before after having some negative experiences with them. He was bluntly ordered to "Get in-NOW." and he complied.

  Grindstaff had began to regret his participation up to this point and the men in the van told him it was "for his own good" and that "Keeping track of him was becoming an issue." These men and others like them had kept tabs on him for some time prior to this unusual request made in the van on side of Interstate 80.  (Grindstaff says he had never heard of the MIB scenario at this time) (edited may 9th, 2011)



 After intensive questioning by the Dr.s and video taped interviews the decision was made that he should continue to cooperate with the Washington, D.C. request to enlist for a special unit enlistment option- (record corrected: patient was DISCAHRGED not A.M.A.) The Dr. was placed in contact with the recruiter who assumed responsibility for Grindstaff's case but Dr. F------- refused to sign off on the discharge papers, probably due to a combination of factors including liability. He signed a document indicating that the possibility that Grindstaff had actually been in contact (With Aliens) was possible but that "Incipient schizophrenia" might also account for the reported Alien contacts as well as the "alleged" threats, harassment, 'psychological evaluations' and E.S.P testing done in Atlanta.The responsibility for Grindstaff's discharge was in the hands of the U.S. Army and undisclosed Federal agencies. (The documents are available for the press at this time May 23, 2011)

  On Friday the thirteenth. 1972 Grindstaff was escorted by recruiting Sgt. ******** from the mental health facility to the induction center in Omaha and after passing the physical was sworn in and handed his first set of orders for basic Combat training and assigned to report for a duty location with a Joint D.o.D. project and assigned to Combat Development Experimentation Command, Task Force and Support Battalion, Combat Engineers. From that day forward Grindstaff hand carried his records to every duty station. The number one set of his orders were sent to the Edgewood. ( this detail was corrected or amended May 9, 2011)

After a recent contact we have decided to add this disclaimer to clarify our position in this issue of Mind control, human experimentation and UFO-Alien contact. 


We mention several sources for reference, study or as an example of related programs or agendas. Some of these sources request secrecy while others are in the public domain. Some incidences described by Grindstaff have been edited for national security reasons or to protect the identification of hostile witnesses. He has requested 'whistle blower' status from the United States Attorney General's office in exchange for his full testimony. Shortly after he exited the Program in the seventies he was subpoenaed by a federal grand Jury in Omaha and also asked about his willingness to render testimony before the Senate investigation sub committee headed by Senator Frank Church (D-Idaho)and Edward Kennedy (D-Massachusetts) investigating aspects of MK Ultra. and other C.I.A. funded sub projects.

 Acting upon the direct advice and orders given to him at the Federal Building in Omaha, Grindstaff cooperated with them and managed to avoid the Washington hearings against his better judgment. The gentlemen who made the request were in possession of I.D showing them to be with the same Agency of the men who recruited Grindstaff for C.D.E.C. in Oct, 1972.

On the 14th of April, 2011 the D.o.D. contacted Grindstaff and gave him clearance to discuss the situation in more detail. He is working on a revised version of his book which was never published.

Any mention of an individual, group or alliance MAY NOT BE A INDICATOR of our own political, social, religious or philosophical viewpoints. They should not be considered an endorsement or criticism, unless we specify it as such. 
Please draw your own conclusions...

We will try and add fresh information as time allows.The Alien Mbc is not a religious movement or a political one. It is about information, ideas and communication!