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These reports range from honest attempts to tell the truth to distortions that serve as an example of sincere yet disturbed individuals or groups that create a cloud of mistrust casting doubt on the entire issue of military and Alien connections.  Which is which?

I would say that's for you to decide as I am not an expert. I do have a feeling that by mixing fact with lies it is easy to confuse the general public and reduce the threat of exposure. ANYTHING having the name Aquino or Hunter Liggett or CDEC in the context of human experimentation or UFO is a RED flag indicating to be cautious.Demand proof! We have seen several "Articles" that are lifted from either this or other MBC websites or forums and we want to go on record as saying "Consider the source." The Alien Contact and Military Mind Control website does condone threats, libel, slander or accusations.

UFO Sighting Report - USA

June 1998 : 10 Miles South Of Ft. Hunter Liggett Army Base, Jolon, California


Real Magik: Disinformation or fact? Plagiarized or simply being VERY careful?   ( has deleted the stolen content)


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George Ritter contacted the Alien-mbc after seeing the story on M Grindstaff and his claims of Alien contact at Liggett. Grindstaff had first seen Ritter's report in about 1998 on Linda Howe and eventually managed to connect with Ritter. George claims to have been stationed at Liggett a few years before Grindstaff was. George Ritter presented us with a copy of his records indicating HLMR was his duty station. We apologize for not confirming this previously.

Ritter says that when he reported he had an Alien encounter  he was encouraged to "forget the entire thing",  which he did not do. Ritter believes drugs were later slipped into his drink in what may have been a covert act to discredit him. (Psiklon says that this is probably true based on independent reports made in the last 15 years.)

  More investigation into this story may reveal  facts that are very difficult to handle for the majority of the public. M. Grindstaff has stated publicly several times since the early seventies, "Give me a drugged subject, some flashing lights and an airstream trailer and I can convince ANYONE they have a genuine UFO experience." Grindstaff's own experience as well as others such as Ritter's have been explained away as some sort of covert operation involving various forms of mind control. Sure it is possible to trick people but is seems more reasonable that Aliens indeed use certain facilities.

The extent of Grindstaff's involvement with the higher echelon at Hunter Liggett and the D.o.D. project has never been fully established in a public venue.

 His claim is that after reporting UFO and Alien contact he was taken to an experimental facility.

Most of his records have been sealed on order of a Federal Judge and nearly all inquiry by Congressmen and US Senators have been stonewalled by the Pentagon. (Update May 14th, 2011: The Department of Defense has contacted Grindstaff and he says he has the green light to talk.) Congressman Terry's office is looking into the situation at this time.

 Of course, the US Government is secure knowing that with so much spin and misinformation happening that Grindstaff will probably not be taken seriously by major journalist, although AP and the Oregonian has previously offered to cover the story if it makes it into court. The Veteran's Administration is currently deciding the status of Grindstaff's claim that  the C.D.E.C. experiments have caused, aggravated or otherwise had a detrimental effect on his health or mental condition.

(UPDATE summer 2010: Senator Feinstein has been unable to complete her investigation other than to confirm that Grindstaff is now in the U.S. Army Reserves.) That is a twelve year period in which to show the facts or to discredit Grindstaff's report. Apparently the Pentagon has the truth and it is real, not a delusion, hoax or scam. Grindstaff remains in compliance with his initial orders (handlers?) and has not recanted his story in spite of the danger involved as well as the borderline psychotics that have been attracted to the case.

His Sightings interview with Jeff Rense

is still unavailable and communications with Jeff Rense are at a standstill. Rense is reported to have said through his "webmaster" (Who acts as a spokesman as Rense is apparently too involved in politics and conspiracy insider affairs to respond) that his main focus is NOT U.F.O. or whatever. A quick glance at his site reveals a sleazy tabloid mix of  'Enquirer' style web links 'exposing' Jewish Zionists and a wide variety of bizarre stories involving political activities, Chupa cabra reports, food additives and a general mish-mash of political extremism. He of course denies believing the stories he links too and claims on the web site that it is the most "Content plagiarized" site on the web. After the initial two hour SIGHTINGS interview with Grindstaff in which Rense repeatedly attempted to side track and discredit Grindstaff , Rense never did the follow up interview that he had agreed to do. This was a condition and verbal agreement made before the interview even began.

What about Jeff Rense?

M Grindstaff discusses the rense interview.

  Jeff Rense agreed to a particular format of questions and to include some chance for rebuttal. He asked if a book was available to promote and offered me a discount advertising rate on his website. In my opinion, Rense attempted to 'steam roll' and to ambush my account. His "accomplice" was on the telephone urging me to speak louder, repeat the statement and other 'suggestions' virtually simultaneously with Jeff's loaded questions -dividing my attention and demanding compliance with his own agenda.

  A "High desert research"  vehicle was in my immediate neighborhood a few days before the interview and when I asked if he was there to investigate he said that it was a coincidence. I talked to Bill Hamilton and he told me that no HDR field investigators were in any part of Oregon at that time. My wife and I both saw the truck and I immediately went to the driver as he tried to walk away quickly. He apparently sat in the truck as we walked down the sidewalk across the street and then passed his parked position, then he got out and I doubled back to ask him about the connection between Skywatch and High Desert. The man was clearly nervous and in a tremendous hurry to leave, avoiding my eyes and questions.

 Other things also happened just prior to the Sightings interview.A bogus "census taker" also came to our secluded door and asked for a list of all residents. No neighbors had any such visit that afternoon. Someone was very interested in something. A telephone repair man indicated our phone line had been tapped also. He blamed the new neighbors saying that "They probably did this all the time" in Mexico. They did this at least two times and the Phone company simply unhooked the jumper wires and refused to look into it. At the time i never realized there was a connection to the interview on the Sightings program.

 The next morning after the botched interview several cigarette butts were discovered inside our gated back yard by the open window we had sat beside during the interview.

Later in October, Jeff Rense told me that he wanted time to look into the CDEC UFO connection and never returned any email or calls.

 George Ritter and I had been emailing and calling each other and he posted some UFO video frames he had been recording and sent me a high resolution frame which I did a simple photo contrast on. T

  Rense ignored the expert opinion of photo analysts (Such as Dr. Bruce Maccabee) attesting to the apparent genuine nature of the picture (Non-photo shopped) and eventually removed the photo from his web site after I demanded it. I felt that by only including his side of the story and ignoring Ritter's comments and mine as I did the initial photo contrasts which I had digitally embedded with ID markers showing (C) and date..

  While 'blurfos' do exist the fact is that the video was available for review and examination and the picture I refer to was a single frame that was extracted. One frame held the image. Ritter informed me he would not be sending any further material for Rense's web site after the incidences. He later told me that the entire video in question was never returned after being promised "He would get it back."

 By associating material or stories with fringe conspiracy sites, back grounding is done creating dubious connections, doubt and mistrust of the source. Sometimes the individuals are marginalized or made to appear less than normal. In the situation where someone was involved in experimentation or mind control I am certain that it is disturbing.


 Using a label of insanity is often a successful means of muzzling an uncooperative witness, but by sealing records such a move only lends a sense of believability as well as an aura of secrecy that some agency (or group of agencies) need to operate covertly...So called UFO investigators or reporters who seek to capitalize on the stories are probably doing a disservice to those seeking facts or truth. Then again paying for bandwidth is an issue as well. As Heinlein said TANSTAFFL. (There ain't no such thing as a free lunch.)



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