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  It has began to reach the point where "look alike" web pages claiming to be associated with the Alien Mbc communication concept have multiplied rapidly and may create confusion. The ones that really make me smile are the ones on pages that have a weird mix of stuff like "Holy hand grenades" and some kind of very odd religious contexts.

Here is an example of a really strange type of page where the person appears to honestly think he is Grindstaff. Perhaps the writer of the Blog merely hopes YOU will think it is Grindstaff. This is just some cut and paste with comments added and unsigned although the poster is the one running the blog. If he/she thinks they are M Grindstaff , please email us and we will give you a good psychiatric contact as you need help.

 As the owner of the Blog site says, send a DCMA and get a lawyer. (UPDATE May 9, 2011 The stolen content was removed)

 More and more websites are allowing stolen software, articles and various videos to be posted while hiding behind the DCMA requirements. Using a lawyer to address these issues are not cost effective but with a new lawyer joining us this would be less of a hassle than it is now to deal with. (Thank you for your assistance!)

 If you are unsure who is who, join the crowd. At least we know who we are here and I hope the readers here know who they are. Muddling an issue with 'off the wall' religion and the occult is really much more common than many may assume. The next thing you know armed men are at the gate and you may then have a violent confrontation. Grindstaff dislikes violence and has made his self clear on this on many occasions. He does NOT practice occult religions or participate in miltia style organizations, throw "Holy Hand grenades" or an advocate violence.. He is a U.S. Army reservist and U.S. Citizen. On one hand the attacks are funny in a disturbing Monty Python way on the other they reflect a trend that is slightly frightening. Because of this further and more complete information regarding CDEC and Hunter Liggett will be published on a separate venue- hopefully in an ebook or even a book format. (UPDATE May 9th, 2011 This report is being completed with more information)

Other pages such as the original alien mbc site were compromised, edited and attacked. This is the only OFFICIAL CDEC-Hunter Liggett related Alien Contact and Military Mind Control web site authorized by Grindstaff.

  It is true that the book  Military Mind Control and Alien Abduction by Dr. Helmut Lammer was published first and remains a valuable resource for those seeking to educate them selves. Coincidentally, Dr. Lammer's work was unknown by Grindstaff at the time he first created the original website in 1999. A letter to Dr. Lammer was sent in 1999 explaining this and Lammer accepted that it was a remarkable coincidence. Sometimes things happen at almost the same time but on the other hand some people cannot resist stealing out right or trying to capitalize on another work. The worse scenario is the severely mentally ill who are unable to separate fantasy from fact, reality from delusion and tend to act out on their ideas. Balancing the facts and telling the truth is risky.

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