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By M. Grindstaff

                                         Hunter Liggett Military reservation

  The very name conjures up memories for those who served there in the 50s,60's and early seventies...
In addition to the thousands of acres controlled by the Department of Defense, thousands of acres of adjacent property owned by the  media mogul, Randolf Hurst, was leased increasing the size of the facility. Hunter Ligget Military Reservation was among the largest testing facilitys in the world. According to online sources and witnesses ESP-psychological testing, mechanical devices, avionics for both the Black hawk and Apache helicopters, laser systems, heads up displays, defensive Bio-chem warfare technology and even Alien craft were at one time researched and tested there.


Combat Development Experimentation Command was one of the main users of the site.The name was changed from Hunter Liggett Military Reservation to Ft. Hunter Liggett in the 1980s and CDEC was phased out for a new testing organization called TEXCOM.

Here is a clip from a US Military website describing Hunter-Liggett. Please note the last entry in particular.
Fort Hunter Liggett Training Strategies

104th DIV(IT)
91st DIV(EX)
63rd RSC
40th DIV(M) NG
Other proposed training activities
Development of consolidated ECS
351st CA Cmd - 7th Psyops Grp

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