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The concept of the present is firmly rooted in the past and biased towards the future or towards possible futures. The common factor is Time. Time and the balance of power influence the outcome. How we change reality will create the future and is responsible for NOW.


What do we really believe? Why do we trust those who report on what is real and what is happening? Do they tell the truth or do they twist facts and every sense of reality?
Are Aliens really Demonic entities, Reptilian mutations, benefactors, friends or allies?

Or are they the product of imagination, fear or delusion? Are they all of these things? We might wonder why many people since ancient times believed in Sky gods, Healers and Teachers from beyond Human's personal realms...

Events: Are these Alien and human interactions a genuine phenomena?

 Many UFO/Alien events have been described as horrible, disgusting and even immoral. The dark side of Human nature may have a counterpart in other realms of influence, realms controlled by entities or beings of savage spiritual darkness. Some people feel victimized by Alien abduction and live in fear of the next experience...some recover their apparent balance and use rationale or otherwise adjust to the situation.

  Some have reported vast underground complexes inhabited by 'outsiders' and off limits to most. The Military is alleged to have assisted these beings in a secret pact.
Some former military describe Alien abductions and a high tech Alien technology which is kept from the public. Not all of these situations are described as negative and not all who have witnessed such interaction are Military, some are contractors or perhaps, subjects allowed to see a glimpse and report to a generally unbelieving public as Bob Lazar did in about 1978.


UFO and Alien researchers: Open examination of the facts or simply a cash based transaction?

 Who is truthful? Who is being deceived? What purpose would creating a debate have in an online environment where even a simple misspelling, server glitch or other factor turn away a curious person? Yes, I refer to the recent web attack here and also to Google's sudden inability to locate some of the supporting offsite webpages. This may be simply coincidental but after losing a forum to a now well established online 'source' and having several sites altered, damaged or reported as unknown by major search engines. These are being taken down as time and money allow.

  DCMA is our friend!

 Have researchers such as ABS, Jeff Rense, Dr. Richard Boylan, David Icke and UFO BC (as well as many others online)  been mislead by the very conspiracy so many claim exists?




 Paola Harris has said that she will only investigate IN PERSON at this time and Grindstaff has
agreed to meet at her convenience. Maybe this is a logical and ideal way to understand the people or in this case, the person behind the keyboard.  The Rense website responded fairly rapidly to the request for the removal of the controversial George Ritter UFO photo and after only 10 months  removed the plagiarized material.


  A great example of the upheaval in the UFO research field is reflected in the Skywatch international effort where my friend Bill Hamilton is no longer director as well as the apparent rift in the Exoploitics movement which has (In my own opinion) fallen prey to the exact same scenario that Grindstaff described. I suspect that if given a test, some of the people involved would fail to know the meaning of the word, the founder and many others not included. Paradigm was a genuine force in the Grindstaff case coming forward. Rense was part of it going fairly quiet as the situation has been declassified. What really happened in the Rense - Grindstaff interview is not understood very well. Anyone having a recording is welcome to contact us here or on thesynthzone blog.


For some so called researchers, interviewing recognized names or going over well mined cases that still elude any attempt at intelligent understanding is a safe way to stay active while accomplishing almost nothing! Whats NEW, is a question many are asking.


 Others have had interesting experiences with the Alien outsiders. Many people have reported positive contacts and described the beings as kind, benevolent and concerned for the well being of Humanity. Some have started out very happy with their contacts and evolved towards a less enthusiastic stance as the realization that maintaining the vision can be hard work.

 Incredible social disapproval can place heavy pressures on some people as discussing contact creates stress... Many who have had prolonged contact have been perceived as dreamers by others. The Alien contactee may have high hopes for the future and warnings about problems which Humans may be not be prepared to deal with. The inability to readily demonstrate the reality of these space and time faring beings can be frustrating.

How can someone see a possible future with out conflict and
still live in a world often shattered by negative events? Many of these people have hope and just maybe that is enough for now. Maybe.I hope.

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