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Hunter Liggett

Once upon a a land not so far away


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Hunter Ligget is now open to recreation like hunting, fishing or even camping. It is also a training area but has been substantially reduced in size. CDEC finished it's mission in the mid 1980's. Military police and Reservist use the facility as a training area, according to online sources.


sweeping it under a rug ?

The use of domed "Igloos" to cover and protect Bio-chem (biological and chemical weapons) was a standard feature.

Onsight international verification limits materials and assures compliance with the SALT agreement. Hunter Liggett officials have advised us that no such materials are currently there. If they were, they would be under 24 x 7 guard. The storage of unneeded bio chem agents (toxic or psychoactive) is done at special locations where they are collected, classified and de-activated in compliance with established protocols.