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skin symptoms of biochem warfare testing

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These very personal photos demonstrate one Hunter liggett "volunteer's" visible signs of exposure.


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One of the symptoms of Military test subjects has been a rash like appearance on the skin. This picture was taken almost 30 years after the subject left the experimental program at Hunter Liggett and Combat Development Experimentation Command. It started as a small area the diameter of a pencil eraser on his right forearm. The VA hospital was unable to diagnose the condition as a fungus or allergic reaction. It remains completely untreatable and appears to be non-contagious.

It could happen here.

When the person seen in these pictures went to the local VA hospital in 1975 he was in a panic. Animals were often exposed to bio-chem materials as were human subjects in US Army testing. Animals were destroyed when exposed- either sacrificed for pathological study or simply to remove a potential health risk.
He was extremely concerned he might have 'picked up' a serious illness or that he was exposed on purpose. The Army seldom explained their testing procedure to the subjects. Little if any follow up was given to test subjects. This individual had reported a series of close encounters with Alien beings immediately prior to his induction.He was concerned that perhaps to cover up their tracks he was being killed slowly in retaliation for him having summoned the Army Inspector General to investigate the Mindcontrol projects at Liggett.
Many subjects were actually chosen from church members of the Seventh Day Adventists as they did not believe in combat participation. This individual was an Adventist.
He felt that by reporting the Alien contact he was doing the right thing. The testing program was never explained in any detail to him, other than that the use of drugs would be expected. These drugs were to be mostly hallucinagenic in nature.

The subject was given a complete physical in 1975 by the VA who discovered a rapidly growing bone tumor as well as the mysterious skin condition. He severe headaches, nausea, vomiting, disorientation, night sweats, joint aches and fatigue while stationed at Hunter Ligget with Combat Development Experimentation Command's Task Force Support Battalion in 1973 and they had continued to plauge him.
When his health continued to fail he was sent to a psychologist who was retired from the Army. The Dr. interpeted his concern that he might somehow transmit his
skin problem to people who ate the food he prepared at a local Sambos resturant to mean that he would possibly poison them! He was diagnosed as psychotic in the early 1980's because the Dr. said that there was no indication the individual was in a Military project or any sign of a place called CDEC.
When the individual reported his extreme stress was based on his belief that the Pentagon had plans to keep the situation secret and probably were observing him the Dr. became more convinced than ever he was simply mental. If there was no proof of these claims, who could really blame people from believing this story? This is America after all, not some Iron Curtain research lab or Nazi death...

His lawyer assured him that in due time all would be made clear to the general public.He went along with what may well be been a cover-up for several years before he began to speak out about what really happened behind closed doors-secure doors that concealed what may be the most bizarre experiments in the history of the civilised world.

This is a very, very complex story with SOME details that are impossible to verify. But from what investigators have seen, this and other storys that are similar are based entirely in fact. The subject was and is a loyal American, and has tried to obey a higher law here. When it became apparent that illegal things were done and that a select few stood to gain from the operations both at Liggett and elsewhere, this person decided to come forward.