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This man reported Alien contact and was sent to Hunter Liggett in 1973


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People swear this man was in an intelligence operation
they say involved Aliens and the US Military.

Milford grindstaff was the first person to claim that he was sent to a US Military research project after having a series of close encounters. His claim was not taken seriously until it was proven that he had actually reported the encounters and was stationed at Hunter Ligget. People have been convicted for crimes on far less evidence than what he has offered to support his claims.

A researcher for MUFON who requests to remain anonymous
recognised him instantly and suggests he is actually an Alien Grey Hybrid. He has a deep involvment with electronic music and altered states of consciousness and has several 'interesting' friends who support him indirectly.

For the first time in an exclusive internet Q and A format (conducted with permission from his "handlers") Grindstaff has offered to answer questions. Below is a link to the first interview.