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Documentation of Veteran's claims of reporting Alien contact

Conformation of Military experiments is difficult but worthwhile. Proving their motives or goals is more difficult.


Documentation of Veteran's claims of reporting Alien contact | Hunter Liggett | Map of Hunter Liggett | CDEC :Task Force Support Battalion | Ritter's exellent ufo close up | UFO cruiser | Grindstaff | Grindstaff interview | Bob Lazar | skin symptoms of biochem warfare testing

When Milford Grindstaff asked US Senator Dianne Feinstein for assistance in his obtaining information about experiments at Hunter Liggett he received the following answer. After many, many months, the Department of records has failed to supply so much as a fresh copy of his records.

Senator Defazio in Oregon notified Grindstaff that his records were a "matter of National Security" and that the records would be released IF he could demonstrate "That the issue was in the interests of the Public." The Federal District Judge ordered the bulk of the sworn testimony and FOIA's sealed following what appears to be the NSA's request.

Meanwhile, Grindstaff has no alternative but to tell his story as best he can.(There are legal issues here)Please read as many of these as you can before deciding he is simply crazy.Remember that many people have made similar claims(to one degree or another)and the true story is stranger than Whitley Streiber's , Jeff Rense, Art Bell or a plethora of investigators's "informants" can tell...although perhaps we may find it easier to believe SOMTHING happened and it is bigger than the A bomb. Grindstaff has made claims of Alien contact and covert military mind control since the early seventies.