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CDEC :Task Force Support Battalion

For the first time the unit insignia posted on line!


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CDEC TFSB insignia: This was worn with pride

This is an authentic shoulder patch from Hunter Liggett.
There was a variation of this used for special field operations. If you know what that is you are one of the elite surviviors of the program that used it. Only a few dozen men had any knowledge of this in 1973 and few have any memory due to extreme circumstances...

Allegations have been made by mr. Grindstaff as well as by several others that there is a program involving Aliens and
Military Mind control. Notice the basic pattern resembles the "bar" symbol seen in many locations today.


This version was worn by George Ritter a few years before I
was stationed at Hunter liggett. There were actually several different units involved including Air Force, Navy and Marines depending on the particular mission requirements.