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Alien contact and Military Mind control

These websites merit some study! If you want to see what others are doing in the area of UFOs, Aliens and other topics,these portals will transfer you to other sites...
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the Eye is watching us- click here to look back
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Resources Site : EYE

Information : Psychotronic and Chemtrails reach the US Congress- Will they ban these techniques? EYE publishes the official document for the public. Proof positive that this is real!

This is remarkable- look now if you have time!

MILAB : Alien or Military?

At last the best UFO and related material is once again back online....
Bill Hamilton, retired military officer has an interesting UFO project going, here:
Paola Harris has several top rate interviews not found elsewhere and they are very revealing:
Bill Oliver in Canada has some articles and informative material here:
karen Lyster's New Zealand UFO and related pages:

alien contact and military experiments