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Alien contact and Military Mindcontrol
Alien art pages

Art and graphics have been used for centurys in Human culture. What inspires art and artists has been a big debate. The truth is that decorations on a cave wall is the
main reminder of times past...from simple hand prints to complex and often mystical animals, shapes and patterns.
These images were mostly influenced by Alien contact and the ideas of a reality that can be manipulated in some way.
The use of technology has made an impact on these to some extent. The computer may be the equivalent of a digital cave wall.


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ufo eye - milford grindstaff (c) 2001

Another digital image done with PSP.The blending of ancient ruins with the disc seemed correct.

Sungod- digital image (c) 2001 milford grindstaff

This image was done with Paint shop Pro and a scanner.

hypno alien astro budda - (c) milford grindstaff 2001

This image is also a digital graphic that shows the ancient
beliefs beside the modern.

Canoeing on lake; Actual size=180 pixels wide

This digital picture is based on the "Montauk" legend.What efforts have been made to rend time and space? To penetrate the mystery of the past and to allow Humans to travel between worlds? Is the Montauk story true? This image speculates on the idea that Humans have probed into the unknown with results out of this world.

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